Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hermit Crab Habitat

It is important to mirror a natural environment for your hermit crab pet. Providing a cage they can climb is best, they love to climb! Bear in mind that they are found on the beach, a typical floor covering for their home should be sand. In keeping with their behavioral characteristics the crabs enjoy digging and burying themselves. In nature hermit crabs live in a tropical climate so unless you live in a warm place year round it is important to provide a heater. A certain amount of humidity in the air is crucial to the health of your pet. Some ways to maximize the humidity in your terrarium are by adding a natural sea sponge that is soaked with water, misting your hermit crabs with a spray bottle and finally adding a small water dish.


  1. It's really good job but please share something more about Hermit Crab.

  2. Hi Stuart, thanks for your comment. This blog has sadly been abandoned by me. Good luck with your hermit crabs. :)